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eHarmonyDating Axis Review

  POPULARITY 4.7/5.0
   FEATURES 4.6/5.0
     VALUE 4.6/5.0
    SAFETY 4.7/5.0
    EASE OF USE 4.8/5.0


It is one of the oldest names in the dating app industry. Moreover, it was also the company that was sued for not making its services unavailable for same-sex in 2005. To salvage the situation, the company launched a completely separate and equal service for that segment with the name of Compatible partners.

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Data Breakdown

User Base Popularity (Visits/Mo) Gender Ratio
All Singles 5* Million   51%*  |    49%*

eHarmony is one of the most popular dating app & dating sites specially designed for all singles who are over the age of 18 and interested in finding a right match & long-term serious relationship.

eHarmony has over 4 million active users and over 600,000 paid subscribers, making it one of the most popular online dating app & online dating sites around.

eHarmony has around 51% Male & 49% female active members worldwide.


Match System

Profiles of eHarmony can be set up on the web or through its android and iOS apps.

Now eHarmony allows you for same-sex dating.

Profiles of subscribers clearly display user’s basic information like name, age, height, religion etc.

Other Features

Video Calls – Yes

Access of App through Desktop – Yes

Mobile App Access – Yes

Free Account – Yes

eHarmony Pricing & Offers

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eHarmony offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

Join for 12 Months Join for 6 Months Join for 3 Months
$ 19.95/mo >> $ 34.95/mo >> $ 59.95/mo >>

Ease of Use

In 2019, the company also opened its platform for LGBT. With all these under its aegis, eHarmony paced its business, making its match-making business based on its extensive and detailed profiles. To contact other members, one needs to subscribe its paid services. However, the good thing is that the app doesn’t push for any in-app purchases.

While there are others also offering a similar types of services like Match or Tinder, that is not as thorough as eHarmony, they also sift out casual browsers. Moreover, platforms such as Tinder resonates more with the young community who are looking for a friendly casual relationship. However, for those who are looking for more stable, meaningful, and long-lasting connections, they prefer eHarmony.

How to Begin

Profiles of eHarmony can be set up on the web or through its android and iOS apps. The user experience on every platform is similar when we tested. After the usual initial name, email, and location questions with an additional inquiry asking where you heard about the company – you begin to set up the profile. At this point, a gamut of questions then appears before you. Firstly, eHarmony asks about the number of children you have, and then your age and religious affiliation.

Since now eHarmony allows you for same-sex dating, you can save your preference in the very first step of signing-in. Therefore, you can search for men, if you have selected men and similarly, women can search for women. If you have an existing account on compatible partners, you can sync that information into the platform.

The next part is an essay section that asks questions such as ‘What are you passionate about?’ or ‘What 3 things you are thankful for?’. The platform doesn’t allow you to proceed further without answering the questions.  After answering lengthy, you can choose your preferences for partners to match which are mostly based on location, and age. The next section is based on the compatibility quiz. The compatibility quiz is a comprehensive set of 100 questions which is similar to a focus group questionnaire. The multiple questions gather information about various spheres like religious faith, personal choices, attributes looking for, personality, habits, wishes, future plans, etc. You are required to add good images of yourself once you complete the compatibility quiz. The complete process is all-inclusive and gathers in-depth information as compared to other dating apps. Dating apps such as Tinder ask for very basic information. Similarly, Match is one of the dating apps that are similar and initially reviews the users’ profiles before finally publishing them. Users acknowledge the comprehensive set of questions designed to build an exhaustive interface that helps in building a robust profile and thereby increases the chances of matching compatible profiles.

User Profiles

After answering all the questions, eHarmony asks you to choose from the various options for a monthly plan. Availing the paid services will offer you a gamut of services without which users don’t get much access to other matching profiles. A free profile lets the user only view other members’ profiles based on compatibility. You have to subscribe to one of the various paid plans to get access to a wide range of matches with their respective information.

There are various limitations with free profiles as they allow users just to make profiles favorite, sharing multiple-choice questions as ‘ice-breakers’, and letting users see ‘mutual favorites’. To communicate with any other matching profile/s, you have to avail paid services.

The app serves a few compatible users every day under its ‘Matches’ section. A limited number of profiles let users focus more on each matching profiles. However, sans its paid services, you cannot see the faces or images of the other users with whom you are matched. Because of this, it is considered one of the most restrictive free dating apps. This also means restricting subscribers access to information of other users too soon.

Profiles of subscribers clearly display user’s basic information like name, age, height, religion, ethnicity, body type, degree, marital status, children, etc. Additionally, subscribers can also see the images and go through their Q&A section. Below that section, profile compatibility is displayed through a series of infographics and percentage graphics mentioning the user’s perception of the world, the balance of conscience and passion, gender roles, relational closeness, level of empathy.

Premium Features

In case if you are not satisfied with the information and haven’t find a suitable one, you can avail the paid services of the app. There are 3 premium paid services offered by the app:

  • Premium Light
  • Premium PLUS
  • Premium EXTRA

Each plan offers a longer period of services with an increasing amount to be paid. However, the longer the period, the lower is the per month payment. The Premium Light is a six-month service which you can avail at $38.94 per month. Similarly, the Premium PLUS, a twelve-month service, is offered at $ 23.34 per month and lastly, a twenty -four month plan costs you $16.84 per month.

In addition to basic features, the subscribers of paid services get access to various other useful features such as viewing unlimited photos, unlimited messaging, profile visitors distance search, and detailed personality profile.

Limiting the messaging option isn’t very uncommon in dating apps. However, there are many features or options offered by eHarmony that are offered as standard options such as search results are not limited. Despite the fact that the app is more expensive as compared to other apps, eHarmony doesn’t ask for any small transactions for Boosts, Coins, Super Likes, Tokens, or any other.

Virtual Dating as an option of Social Distancing

During the current pandemic, people want proximity or intimacy. However, to keep you safe, social distancing is the only possible way and to stop disease spread. In these times, dating apps like eHarmony offers virtual dating option to keep users stay connected and socialize. For users who availed Premium feature, an option of Video Date is also available with the matching profiles.


eHarmony offers Video Calls – Yes

Access of eHarmony App through Desktop – Yes

eHarmony Mobile App Access – Yes

eHarmony Free Account – Yes

Pros and Cons

Pros Of eHarmony

  • Sturdy security features
  • Adequate privacy
  • Video dating
  • Extensive & Informative profiles

Cons Of eHarmony

  • Expensive
  • Pay first to access even basic features
  • Lengthy sign-up process

The Bottom Line

You have to go through multi-level, exhaustive and time-consuming questions, and availing paid services to get value through this app. However, once you avail its services and get access to its various features based on your compatibility, values, and other data.

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Overall Rating